Reform of the Legion of Christ?

Comment on the Reform of the Legion of Christ that was rejected by FirstThings the conservative Catholic blog

The following post was contributed to an article by Fr. Thomas Berg, a former LC priest.

“Catholic autorities have never once mentioned “reform” referring to the LC/RC; it has always been about “renewal”
Therein lies the difference.
Cardinal De Paolis saw his role, based on the lukewarm instructions of BXVI as helping Legionaries renew their institution. He
has prepared that renewal his way, by working with the LC leadership, and now the chapter will carry on along this path of
They will have new constitutions and the Legion and the Vatican will celebrate this as a pivotal point.

Church authorities don’t understand the difference between the written word/theory and the Legion’s actions/praxis/Modus Operandi.
Fr. Berg and other former lc priests, have been talking for years about deep and radical reform; but the official church never has gone that far. According to my interpretation of Cardinal De Paolis words and actions a true “conversion’ of the Legionaries is not underway.

So unless Pope Francis intervenes, it will be business as usual; no changes that I would consider important.

ReGAIN, http://www.regainnetwork, is about to post its latest thoughts. And that is that, my good friends.

I foresee that a group of American Orthodox [religiously and
politically conservative families, deceived by the LC.RC] will continue
to support the Legion of Christ with power, money and men, “in
order to save the Church and souls from the attacks of Liberalism, Modernism,
Materialism, Hedonism and Heresy”…. “Orthodoxy”, in this case, covering a multitude of sins…