Outreach to those who have loved ones in High Demand Groups

“Cult” and “Sect” are pejorative terms and professionals often prefer “New Religious Movement” or “High-Demand Group”. But people with loved ones in such groups may still prefer to use the stronger term because it reflects the negative aspects of the group, association or religious order concerned. When a loved one joins such a group he/she often becomes cut-off from family and friends leaving them with feelings of pain, anger and loss.  This blog wants to respond to the emotional and practical needs of those on the outside. It would also like to shine a light for those who are “inside” and may be questioning, doubting or leaving the group. Leaving a group one has been involved with for years can be a daunting task.

The blogger lives in Northern Virginia and can be personally available anywhere in Washington, DC and neighboring Virginia and Maryland.

He is a member of International Cultic Studies Association and has a keen interest in helping those who are concerned about a loved one’s involvement in a questionable group, association or religious order…

The blogger is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Virginia and is in touch with “exit counselors” and therapists in the USA and Europe.

He is also bilingual/bi-cultural [Spanish] having lived  in Mexico from the age of 27 to 40.