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I lost my brother to the Legion of Christ, Catholic Religious Order

April 9, 2018


Young woman documents her brother’s joining the LEGION OF CHRIST, a controversial and much criticized relatively new religious order founded in Mexico and now in 40 countries. Critics of the order have labelled it “dysfunctional family” -and “intra-ecclesial sect”, meaning that the way it operates, control of Behavior, Information, Thought and Emotions is similar to […]

The Man who Subjugated his Wife

December 18, 2017


                     International Cultic Studies Association <> To:International Cultic Studies Association Dec 11 at 1:43 PM ICSA News Desk shares articles of interest or importance with ICSA members who have signed up for News Desk. Selection of an article for the News Desk mailing does not mean that ICSA, its directors, staff, volunteers, or members agree […]

Baton Rouge’s Shooter Gavin Long’s Bizarre Sect

July 19, 2016


07.18.16 Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Long’s Bizarre Sect Gavin Long adhered to a separatist religious movement that followed a self-declared ‘Empress.’ The Daily Beast. Katie Zavadsk Like any new religious movement, the Washitaw Nation—to which Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Long adhered—has a fantastical origin story. Its empress was born encased in her own placenta as […]

End July Workshop for Former Members of Mind Control Groups in Colorado

July 15, 2016


    Last chance to register for recovery workshop in Colorado ICSA’s recovery workshop for former group members has taken place in Colorado for the past 25 years. Attendees have given the workshop extremely high ratings year after year. The facilitators, who have volunteered their time for many years, have decided that 2016 will be […]

Beware of the Gurus on Facebook: Raw Impact Ministries

June 8, 2016


here is one testimony from a friend to a friend about a Guy called David….who runs RAW IMPACT Ministries…(out of other people’s houses!) ” I met David on Facebook about 2 years ago in early 2014. He was a friend of one of my Facebook friends and she introduced me to him. When I first […]

Don’t Call it “a Cult”!

June 5, 2016


From: Info-Secte <> Sent: Saturday, June 4, 2016 8:45 AM Subject: How to Escape From a Cult in the 21st Century —— How to Escape From a Cult in the 21st Century The new documentary Holy Hell offers an unprecedented view of 20 years inside the Buddhafield religious group. We talked with apostates from Buddhafield […]

Brian meets ex-Scientologist

February 22, 2016


Hello, just got this on Brian’s blog February 17, 2016 Brian Tells Stories Sharone came on the show to walk us through her experience. She was a Scieftologist from the age of 6 and she shares her stories from her childhood in Scientology. Her stories are incredible and ridiculous and unbelievable. She spent time […]