J. Paul Lennon is a former member of the controversial Catholic Order Legionaries of Christ founded by the infamous Mexican priest, Fr. Marcial Maciel,  which he left in 1984. After leaving, he devoted time and energy to understanding his experience and found that the Legion possessed certain “cult-like” features. Some Catholics would not accept this criticism of the Legion, a bona fide “order” and tried to discredit Lennon and his webpage, http://www.regainnetwork.org. By this time the Legion was already powerful in Rome, among Traditional US Catholics, in Mexico, South America and Europe and attempted to silence Mr. Lennon’s efforts to reveal the true nature of the organization. On joining the International Cultic Studies Association in 2000 Mr. Lennon learned about the Opus Dei, other Catholic, Christian and Religious Groups who employed mind-control and coercive persuasion to recruit, retain and control members, and who were also aggressive in recruiting and fundraising.

The Legion of Christ and its Regnum Christi movement went into crisis starting in 2006 when the Vatican censored the founder for sexually abusing his seminarians. In 2009 the Vatican investigated the order and found problems. In 2010 the Vatican intervened and the Legion is being reformed at present.

Paul has spent many hours and much energy listening, supporting and counseling members of controversial groups,as well as former members, their  families and friends. He received his Professional Counselor License in 2007.

He has found that despite differences in belief and doctrine “High-Demand Groups” possess many similar characteristics and that members and familes suffer many of the same traumas of separation, loss and abuse.  He has been part of a wide network to educate, warn, and heal individuals and families for the past 20 years.

Recently, parents of members in other Catholic, Christian and Religious groups have sought Mr. Lennon’s help.

He can be reached at irishmexican43@yahoo.com

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