Beware of the Gurus on Facebook: Raw Impact Ministries


here is one testimony from a friend to a friend

about a Guy called David….who runs RAW IMPACT Ministries…(out of other people’s houses!)

” I met David on Facebook about 2 years ago in early 2014. He was a friend of one of my Facebook friends and she introduced me to him.

When I first messaged him it was far from a “normal” conversation like you would have when you first meet someone. He started to say he was getting these visions of me or for me and just started talking like some kind of oracle or prophetic wording. I am well educated on spiritual knowledge so it wasn’t that surprising at first. We kept talking via Facebook until he decided to take a trip to a town in my state about 45 minutes from where I live.

Then we met in person for the first time. At the time he was staying at one of his friend’s house in the town and I drove over there to meet him and the couple he was staying with. He was always giving advice or suggestions to the male of the family and saying he was hearing the words of god and was very convincing to believe him. Within about a week he had caused a lot of conflict between the man and his wife and their relationship was starting to destabilize.

David assumed everything he was doing was the right thing and from what I got it was that he was always right and the others were wrong or didn’t understand things like he did. He was very easy to get along with and I considered him a friend and after he caused the problems for the family, the man didn’t want him staying at their house anymore.

So I agreed to let him come stay at my house and he ended up staying for about 3 weeks until I decided I couldn’t stand him being at my house any more. While he was staying with me, he would a lay down and tell me he was going to meditate and receive visions or downloads from god and hearing the voice and following what the voice was telling him to do. I went along with it but he ended up manipulating me to a very high degree. I lost a lot of very important and valuable items I had put a lot of work and effort into. I had a very customized computer system and special artistic objects I had made and he convinced me almost all of that was useless and that I should take it down and completely change my lifestyle. So I agree and the destruction began. He would try to give me advice and tell me what I needed to do and convince me instead of me relying on my own judgement and discernment.

After that I told him he had to leave and once again he said god told him before that I was about to ask him to leave. He would get on the phone and talk to people sometimes event to the point of yelling at them preaching his word to do anything he could to make them believe. He clearly showed signs that he was somewhat unstable mentally.

Earlier before I met him in person, he convinced a young woman to fly from her home in Washington all the way to where he was living in Alabama and they were convinced they were soul mates but shortly after she arrived, she ended up leaving him after about a month. He also did this with another young woman not very long after and the same thing happened. I noticed women were very attracted to what he would post and say on Facebook. He was always posting this parable/poetic like words that he said was the voice of god telling him to post.

I had deactivated my FB acct last year for some time but decided to reactivate it earlier this year in Feb. I messaged him back and we talked a bit, but we weren’t as close as before. I noticed then that he was with the woman Sarah and she sent me a friend request right after David and I had talked again.

Then one day a couple of weeks later I had posted my opinion about some spiritual feelings and opinions I had and he commented that I basically didn’t know what I was talking about. I responded by telling him he was some kind of prophet that was too old school to understand the modern philosophies and to basically shut up. Immediately after I sent him that he banned me as a friend and I was no longer able to view his profile. He didn’t send any kind of message or anything for his reason to do so, just instantly banned me.

Then a few hours later Sarah sent me a private message saying I didn’t know anything I was talking about and that David was always right and correct and that I will always be miserable in my life because I don’t listen to the voice of god or follow god’s guidance and basically was very rude and condemning. After I read the message I tried to view her page but she had also banned me as well. So she sent me a message just telling me off and banned me before I could even response. So from what I noticed David tends to brainwash people into believing almost if not all of what he says and thinks. I personally find this rather disturbing and women are more susceptible to persuasion than men that were his friends, but there were also a few men who also would follow and believe him.”

Author: Paul Lennon

Dubliner, Legionary of Christ [1961-84], mental health therapist living in the Washington DC are since 1985, bilingual Spanish, 13 years in Mexico, married to a pretty Guatemalan; I am "amateur writer", translator, co founder of REGAIN, INC,, Legionary of Christ "expert", member of International Cultic Studies Association.

25 thoughts on “Beware of the Gurus on Facebook: Raw Impact Ministries”

  1. Can the author of this post please message me privately – that girl Sarah used to be a close friend of mine, and I think her family needs to know everything they can.

  2. Helpful. Thank you for posting, and leaving out slander. Allows the reader to decide for themselves.

  3. As of today, David messaged me on FB asking for money. We also had a mutual friend on FB. He stated it was for gas money, and that he needed it to go out “and bless others.” I suggested praying for him instead (Acts 3:6). This seemed to upset/disappoint him. This was a red flag for me. Those who truly seek the Lord will never turn down prayer over material things!

    When I supported my reasoning with scripture: 1 Thess 2:9, 2 Thess. 3:10, David accused me of being “religious” and told me to “repent.” Before I could respond, he blocked me. Clearly, this man is not hearing from the Lord and needs prayer. For those who support him financially because they think he is hearing from the Lord, I would strongly suggest investing your money into more legitimate ministries that truly reflect the Lord’s, heart (Mercy Ministries, A21 Safehouse, etc). And for those who are hungry for God, I suggest these men and woman who are truly walking in God given wisdom and integrity: Todd White, Kat Kerr, Lisa & John Bevere, Christine Caine.

    Clearly, this young man is using scripture to manipulate and deceive. He should not be listened to for spiritual advice or guidance! This post is not written to slander David, but to warn others.

    “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” 1 John 4:1

  4. Mr David Laemmle|’s path of destruction continues to this day.
    He is currently his falsehoods to control a group of susceptible young adults in a home in Fredericktown Ohio. It is sad that many have fallen prey to those who claim higher spiritualism than others and are able to attract weaker minds. This has gone on before my lifetime and will probably still continue after I am gone.
    Unfortunately my child is one of those he has convinced to follow him.
    Please pray unceasingly for them to come out of that darkness.

  5. This group has destroyed our relationship with our daughter. (Jasmine Lynn Plummer)
    She doesn’t want to talked about anyone in family and friends. As; a father my heart is broken. We as the Family Plummer!! We love you Jasmine!! Please come back home!

  6. It could takes days for me to write everything that has happened to me over the years since meeting him in 2013 and even recently with dealings, deception, manipulation, control and abuse. Unfortunately your story sounds ALL to familiar. He does have a good following at the property he took over and honestly feel so sorry for Sarah.

    1. Serena please tell me more of what you went through following this David , I may have people I love in this situation. I m not sure because they are not responding. Thank you God Bless Norma

    2. I have been wondering about Sarah for the longest time. I went to college with her, though she went by a different first name back then. She was a close friend of a friend of mine. We were in the same social circle. She never once mentioned religion in the 4 years I knew her. She did not seem like the type (I know, I’m generalizing here) to fall under the spell of a manipulator. I think she’s been brainwashed by David. She seems to have become a person who her old self would not recognize. This all seems to be the result of her meeting this man David. I honestly hope she finds the strength one day to get away from this guy. He does not sound stable. He sounds like a cult leader. If anyone could give me information about Sarah, her whereabouts, her wellbeing, I know a few people who were once very close with her who would like to know. She also unfriended all of her college friends a few years ago, but I finally found her under her “new” name of Sarah Laemmle, though her Facebook page is pretty bare and she only seems to have 38 “friends” – this sounds a lot like the tell-tale sign of domestic abuse where one partner continuously separates the other partner from their friends and family. The last time I can remember being one of her Facebook friends must have been right around the time that she met David, and I think they were living in a van and traveling the country “preaching”.

  7. I used to give money to their ministry.. 90 dollars here, 20 dollars there, I always tried to help them when I could. they would always come to me with love and joy and telling me how far along in my walk I was. The ONE time I questioned something he said…

    He stated that Jesus didn’t have compassion for animals because he sent the pigs over the cliff.. I disagreed with him on this. He went on a tirade about people who rescue animals are disobedient to God because it takes away from their mission for God.

    I disagreed with him, stated that I felt people could do both and gave him Scripture that showed the opposite of what he said about Jesus. He called me a Jezebel and witch and blocked me because I wouldn’t submit to his authority, because he was a man… Please be careful with them..

    1. I remember that it was in Facebook I specifically remember seeing him argue with you over Facebook about this . He was very rude and I partook in this as well and send my apologys I’ve spiritually grown since then but last I saw him he was still going off the handle over small things drinking heavily and manipulating people and putting his hands in people violently at his “ministry” in Ohio. I wouldn’t give this man a fine he will go spend it in booze

  8. Our daughter gave up her job and home to follow this group. Most important , she left behind her entire family including her 80-year-old grandparents. My husband and I have reached out to the authorities to see if they can help us to get our daughter out of this
    high risk group. We were told that because of her being an adult it wasn’t much they could do. I continue to pray every day for my daughter and the other men and women that are still been brainwashed by this man. Recently, one of the member was arrested for domestic violence that took place on the property. I believe that if this man is not stop soon that someone is going to get hurt very bad.

  9. URGENT PLEASE READ! This letter is from the daughter of some the people who helped propogate this false article. She is tired of these lies being spread about her dear friend and brother David Laemmle. The letter below not only shares the truth about David, but also exposes the true nature of the people who spread these kind of lies. Be aware, Charles and Rhonda Plummer cannot be trusted…:

    Letter of Exposure of Charles and Rhonda Plummer-

    Dear Reader,  
        I am writing this to expose the dark deeds of my parents, Charles and Rhonda Plummer. It is my hope that by doing this, the world might become a safer place because of it. In order to fully disclose all of their manipulation and wrong doing towards me and my family I need to start from the beginning.
        This all started around the time when I first met my fiance, Joshua Suarez. We were both young at the time and seeking to find a deeper place in life to get to know God the Father through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in a more practical and tangible way, so that we could share God’s message of Love with others. 
        After praying, we made a decision to travel to some neighboring states from where we grew up in Virginia so we could find others to bless in any way that we could. We were having a great time out in the country when we went to fuel up at a gas station only to find ourselves suddenly and mysteriously out of funds! When I called my bank to find out what was going on I discovered that nearly all my accounts had been drained. I was left with almost no funds in the middle of Alabama. Over twelve thousand dollars had been drained from my checking and savings, and my trust fund that was over forty thousand dollars was also depleted completely. We were blessed enough to be staying at someone’s house at the time. If we weren’t, more than likely we would have been forced to sleep in our car. Now at the time, my bank accounts were set up as joint accounts with my mother, Rhonda Plummer. At first I did not want believe that my mother and father would drain my bank accounts for any reason. Since we were so busy traveling we had not been in touch with them for a couple of weeks. But I would have never thought they would do something like that just to get my attention. When I called them for an explanation they acted like they did not know what was going on, only to find out a couple phone calls later, by their own admission they did indeed drain my accounts and take away my trust fund. As crazy as this may sound, this was only the beginning of my troubles with them and the start of their true nature being exposed to my fiance and I. When Joshua and I made it back home, we returned only to find the locks on our front door had been changed so we could not get in. Unfortunately the house was co owned by me and my father Charles Plummer. We also found upon returning that all of Joshua’s belongs were stuffed in our friends car. She was storing her car at our home as she too was traveling and spreading the good news with some mutual firends of ours. The following two nights me and my fiance had to stay in a hotel. Unbelievably, the only reason they were doing all of this was because they did not approve of my fiance, who was a work at home artist at the time and resented our decision to get legally married one day. They were doing anything they could to break us apart and force me to run back to them. So of course at this point we told them very nicely that we did not want to talk to them and we needed space and time to recover from the trama they were causing us. Also, during all this I was  pregnant with Joshua and I’s first child and we soon came to find out that they could care less about this and had no regard for my health because the following month was one of the most stressful and panic inducing months I had ever gone through. So the only thing we could do to get back in our house was to call a locksmith. Upon entering the house we discovered that the keys to our friend’s car, which was stuffed with all of my fiance’s belongings, we’re stolen. After calling our friend, the car owner, we called the police, who then proceeded to call my father and explain to him, as most people would think, that stealing someone’s car keys can easily result in two years in jail time at the minimum if they were not returned. Upon being caught red handed, my father quickly agreed to return the keys to the police. Although to most people this may seem like an honerable act, to my fiance and I, all it was was more light shed upon my father’s sinister character, which was turning out to be, in truth, a gruesome painting revealing itself right before our eyes piece by piece. So a few weeks past, and things seemed to calm down again. But this was just the calm before yet another storm. 
        During this time of respite we invited a friend over who was also seeking to find a deeper place with the Lord. We opened up our doors to him and gave him free room and board as we felt led to do. Of course as you would imagine, during this time we were not in contact with my parents and we told them that we needed time to heal and pray as I was still in such a state of shock from their recent behavior. Because of their sociopathic nature they just would not take no for an answer. They started showing up unannounced and would not leave for hours, even after being asked to leave. These hours would turn into sessions of interrogation as they were trying to find any flaw not only with us but also with the company that Joshua and I were keeping. It was during one of these sessions of interrogation that they locked our beforementioned house guest in his room and proceeded to grab him by the arm, twisting it as he tried to leave room. Of course the courts could do nothing, because the house was co-owned by Charles, who was becoming increasingly more abusive every day. Even threatening to beat up Joshua over text. So we were forced to leave, and after praying, made a decision to continue traveling and spreading the good news of Christ and his Hope. 
          As we were traveling, we passed through Ohio, a state that was home to some of my relatives. As a further act of aggression, my parents ordered these relatives to call us and threatened us with agressive messages of the physical nature. After a few months of traveling through Ohio’s neighboring states we prayed and decided to settle down in Ohio. Our son was growing up strong and all seemed well for the moment. Their cluches appeared to have loosened for a bit but little did we know, their talons were still being sharpened in the background prepping for another attack. We were soon confronted at our house by two large men in cow boy hats and boots claiming to be private investigators sent by my parents. After a few meetings with these investigators, and having nothing to hide, we met up with them at a gas station and allowed them to take pictures of us and our son. We thought at this point they would get it and allow us the much needed space and time that we requested from them to grow our little family in peace. We thought wrong.
        During the following months we endured several welfare check-ups on me from the police who where sent by my parents. Not including a visit from an ex-military friend of my father’s who had a hidden camera on him and agressivly sought to force me to sell my old house, which of course I had no problem doing as long as I got my portion of the proceeds. At this point I was getting sick and tired of them. Shortly after this they showed up at the house unannounced, threatening to come in against our will. When they were rejected, my mother then proceeded to walk up and down our street like a mad woman screaming in some kind of strange tongues and flailing her arms all over the place. Of course we had to call the police to take care of this. After this and a few welfare check-ups later we decided after much prayer to give them a chance at redemption. We told my father, Charles, that we would meet him at a nearby location to see us and our son. He agreed to help us out financially a bit so we could continue to minister and house people as led by the Lord. When we met up at the local Arby’s he of course denied agreeing to help us out and wanted to enjoy the benefits of seeing us and our child regardless. Being people of principal we would not stand for that. We coordially heard out his concerns then told him he had to leave. As Joshua went out to the car, Charles then took baby Isaac when we were not looking and would not give him back. My fiance was then forced to come back in and take Isaac back from him so we could leave. By this time as strong as my faith had grown in the Lord, I had lost nearly all faith that my parents were any kind of decent people. 
        That was the last physical incident that took place between my parents and I. Now if you would bear with me, I ask that you hear out some of the nastier acts of agression and defamation that they have carried out against some my closest friends; which took place simultaneously during all of the before mentioned incidents. What they were doing, unknown to us at the time since before they stole my money, was gathering up false information based on here say and gossip, about all of our friends  we had at the time. When it came down to it, they simply wanted to find a reason to imcrimnate Joshua and I in something illegal and break us apart and force me to rely on them like I used to when I was a child, not caring whose lives they destroyed in the process. They have some kind of fantastical desire to keep me in their home no matter how old I am as some kind of trophy or possesion and to take my children from me and raise them under the same manipulative hold. Getting back to their so called investigations,  we had come to find out that during one of their interrogation sessions at my old house, that they were compiling a binder of case files, singleing out my closest friends that I had  fellowship with at the time. One of my friends that they especially singled out for reasons I can’t imagine, is named David Matthew Laemmle. I mention his name here because he has been so violentenly and mercilessly attacked by them and is in need of vindication. I want to mention here an article that was posted and created for the sole purpose of destroying David’s reputation as a minister and man of God and also to destroy and halt his lively hood by stripping him of all those who had been making regular donations into his ministry and allowing him to continue traveling thoughout the US, blessing people and connecting people in friendship and fellowship and prayer and the seeking of God through his Holy Spirit. This article attempted to paint a picture of David as some kind of guru and womanizer, when in fact he is simply a man who seeks to live a simple life seeking the Lord and praying with others. He is also one of the most gentle souls I have ever met and treats women with the upmost respect and adoration. He has done nothing but cherish the friendship that my family and I have had with him. He is especially great with my children. The article, quite frankly, which i don’t want to post here, is so false it makes me sick. Although it is not directly written by my parents, my mother is directly responsible for propogating it and sending it to many of not only David’s close friends and my family, but also my close friends and their families; thereby wreaking havoc and aptempting to destroy his life and our lives. My friend David, who travels, but I see often, is now struggling to be released from the tormenting dark web of lies this article has propagated. I am writing this in hopes of releasing him from those snares. Please pray for him.
        In closing, I pray that all who read this open their eyes and stay as far away as possible from the manipulative grasp of my parents, Charles and Rhonda Plummer. Please don’t be decieved by any friendly or cheerful demeanor that they may exude. It is simply a method of luring you in so that they can keep you as possesions and trap you in their delusional view of relaity. It breaks my heart to have to write this about my parents, but honestly I don’t consider them as such, given the character that they stand in at this time. Please heed to this warning and join me in prayer for not only them to come to the revelation of living a truthful life, but also in praying for my dear friend and brother David who has been so wrongfully accused and crushed by their misdeeds. Mind you, they refuse to make anything right or apploigize for anything. The most they have done is return a small portion of what they stole, but that was only after my fiancee and I got the law involved. What I truly desire is that their character will change and that they would start spreading the truth about my friends and I instead of gossiping and spreading hurtful lies in an effort to rip families apart. I thank you for bearing with me through this letter and I pray that your eyes have been opened not only to their wrong doing, but also to this kind of wrong doing, which I am sure happens right under our noses everyday to those who do not deserve it. Please join me in standing in truth in this generation. Thank you for your time and God bless.


        Joshua Suarez and Jasmine Plummer 

    P.s. if you want to contact me with questions/concerns, just email me at

    1. Jasmine, you can see I have let your comment stand. Being facetious one might ask: could you summarize that terribly long post?
      And basically, i just see you bashing your parents….which does not convince me that you have found light and life. Certainly, there does not seem to be peace of soul, which might indicate that you had found a better path…

      1. Hey! Why don’t you act like a doctor, and prescribe herbal medicines to a man for profit, without ever meeting him in person. Just so you know, Brandon told David the clicks coming from his computer was an angel telling him to masturbate to a girl that he thought was his soulmate. So you can Sherlock Holmes your way into thinking we don’t have peace all you want. But the day you forsook God for your ego to receive the applause and approval of man was the start of the best comedic routine ever. David is a work in progress like all of us, even you, megamind. And before you put this article up maybe you should have tried to contact him and balance the facts. Because I don’t think people understand you were the one counseling brandon with herbal remedies, which tells me that this whole article is just a conflict of interest. He believed that he was the incarnation of Lucifer and he believed his girlfriend at the time, Sila was the reincarnation of Isis and believed she was the only one who could balance him out and the only thing that could stop him from destroying the world. He believed Sila was his soulmate mate. She had no artistic ability and was ripping Brandon off by having him buy her paintings way over priced. —- She left him hanging until the next month around the same time and she would sell him a really bad painting for a really bad price.—–But hey, maybe the clicks on the computer said it was okay. David never went there to minister to brandon, they were just friends, Brandon just asked him for advice and David told him what he would do if he was in his situation. They actually had a lot of good times. David has a picture of brandon wading in the gulf of Mexico happier than he had ever been. The gulf of Mexico was 60 miles away. He hadn’t been further than the gas station in years. In actuallity this article only came about because David asked Brandon to get rid of a necklace that he had latched onto because he saw it as some sort of mystical protection. It was a green glass crystal. After he asked David to get rid of it, he called him and wanted it back, but David had already gotten rid of it. But Brandon’s dad got mad. In actuality David still really loves Brandon. After he left, he didnt know anything other than that Brandon was doing well. What it comes down to, if people would really look at the situation,—Brandon had told David that he would never talk to his dad about when he stayed there.— When David stayed there he got a lung infection. Brandon’s dad, being an ex-nurse, was able to get him some antibiotics and helped him out. David doesn’t care what this article says and neither do we, because anybody could write stuff and make anybody look any way. Ninety percent of the story is missing from what you wrote, but hey, the way you wrote it is completely fine because you really dont matter. —And as for all the comments here against David: he’s imperfect just like everybody, and their anger causes people to twist things.—He is actually a very lowly and repentive person, and if he does something wrong he is the first person to make it right. Serena only wrote something because she ended up having an argument with her husband and she was being hysterical about her daughter and he couldn’t get her to calm down. She was trying to bring it to David and David told her to calm down and she knows in her heart that she had no business contacting him without going to her husband. So her comment appears right after she had that argument with him and the comment she made was immediately after the conversation she had with David. So it was easy to see she was reacting emotionally without the guidance of peace. Yes, David had a pretty big wound of loneliness which tormented him for a long time. He truly has a heart to help and sometimes his heart to help is overzelous. But no one deserves to be thrown under a bus for a ten dollar necklace. But he does remember seeing you on a video chat making lots of money off of bullshit. A lot of this stems back to a girl named Lindsay, who Brandon liked and who also was good friends with David and ended up on the road with David blessing a lot of people. As a matter of fact we all still live together and bless people; that made Brandon mad. The truth is, Brandon’s fear of his father and mother has chained him to that house. At least when brandon was free he confided in David about things that you don’t even know. So this is our last correspondence with you guys and I’m sure you’ll take it down because you’re a coward. But when a guy is trying a new thing every week to try to protect himself out of fear, buying medallions, staffs, whatever, and you are selling him a bunch of plants, he wasn’t getting the proper treatment. He needed to be in a mental hospital. When David got there, his heart was broken for the condition Brandon’s heart was in . Brandon lacked confidence when it came to women or even to talk to people in person. David who was wounded was searching God in his heart, but out of loneliness was carrying some false hope of finding a woman and a best friend. The thing is is Brandon resented him for that because it looked like exactly what he wanted, but David is extremely remorseful for his wounds. And every person his wounds touched he went back and humbled himself to, especially when it came to opposite sex relationships. —So all that is this article is, is just a shadow of what happened.—- David doesn’t hate brandon, and David being there was a heck of a lot better than someone trying to sell someone a bunch of plants and acting like he was helping him. Witchcraft remedies. —- So shame on you, Brandon is on social security and your prices are too expensive. Oh and David isn’t in charge of anything by the way, he was just there as a friend. But hey, if you want to strengthen other people’s paranoid superstitions so you can sell your snake oil, that’s all you buddy. Everybody who has commented make sure to look brandon up on the ‘star commander’ page where he tells everybody that he’s an awesome spaceship pilot alien. David may seem like the bad guy, but this guy is crazy! I thank you so much blog-god, for leaving my last comment up! You are so strong! Praise you, blog-god!

    2. I find a lot of fault in your story. I looked up the meaning of the word sociopath and it does not describe your parents. The story is heavily focused on the wrongs of the parent but you have ignored all of your wrongdoings.

      It is like you tried to play your parents for a fool and it backfired. There are too many lies are in this story. Too many things left out. Forgive your parents for their bad decisions and ask them to forgive you for the deception you created.

      Throughout this whole letter you never gave an example of how great David Matthew Laemmle is. You only gave a few blanket statements about him.

      May not be the response you want, but its the one you need.

  10. Mr Laemmle probably had a content grin when he reviewed and approved the “Urgent Post”.
    J&J do not realize what they have been drawn into. It is a methodology used many times:
    Separate – from family and friends. Convince them that everyone outside of their group is an enemy.
    Isolate – in a remote place where they are not accessible and cutoff communications.
    Indoctrinate – into a livestyle living off of handouts and charity.
    My niece realized he is an emotionally unstable person and left in time. She reconciled with my sister and is doing better.
    Please pray for J&J and the children they are exposing to the foul mouth ministry.

  11. Sarah, who was once Alex Herbertson, has been estranged from her friends and family for a long time. I’ve seen that this self proclaimed speaker for god has encouraged his young followers, our Alex, into sex work between Georgia and Ohio. If anyone has any legal oversight, please save her from him. Nearly a decade later and were running out of time

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