Irish Role in Foundation and Growth of the Legion of Christ!rii=9%3A20541379%3A0%3A%3A

Irish Radio Interview for reactions after Irish TV investigation of the Legion of Christ: Paul Lennon, co founder of ReGAIN, INC and Jack Keogh, former Legionaries for Dublin give their reactions.

Failure to Reform the Legion of Christ puts my faith in the Vatican in jeopardy!

It is interesting that increasingly, all the rotten problems that keep festering away unresolved are closely connected with identical problems in the Vatican.
The documentary, Secrets in the Vatican, makes this quite clear.  When I started to become aware of the Legion of Christ problems, I believed that Fr. Maciel, the founder, was bad but otherwise the Legion was okay and the Church leaders were pure and holy and could be trusted to what is right.  As time went on I discovered the Legion leaders were consistently bad and self serving but I continued to believe in the hierarchy of the Church and sincerely thought that if they only knew what was going on the Legion they would bring justice.   Then when it looked as though everything had been exposed I felt it was all over.  I thought our son would be coming home and find some other line of work.  But then I found out that there were some bad guys in the upper levels of the Church who were enabling the bad guys leading the Legion.  I still believed that there were more good guys than bad in the Church and of course the good guys always win out.  But it seems that the bad guys have some sort of lock on the Church and it isn’t a slam dunk for the good guys to overpower the bad guys.  Until Francis came along I began to wonder if there were any good guys up there.  I hope there are a few left.